Finn Harvor is a writer, artist, musician, filmmaker, and global citizen who lives with his wife in South Korea. His work has been published in lit mags, presented at academic conferences, and screened at film festivals all around the world: in the UK, Ireland, Australia, the US, Canada, Mexico, Korea, China (Hong Kong), Japan, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and India..

Harvor has this to say about his own work: “I am particularly interested in the following themes: nature and the anthropocene, addiction and family dynamics (my late brother’s story), technology and contemporary war, and the nature of love. I usually make poetry films that I term authorial movies, movies in which one person creates—authors—all elements of the movie.”

Here are links to some of Harvor’s recent work: The Baram Series, an ebook in which all the poems exist as both textual works and movies; The Human Volcano, a short video screened at a festival in Greece; and Three Tragedies, Four Seasons, a feature-length authorial movie.