María Rosa Lojo

María Rosa Lojo was born in 1954 in Buenos Aires, the daughter of Spaniards; her father, a Republican from Galicia, had exiled himself to Argentina after the Civil War. She is a Doctor of Letters of the University of Buenos Aires, and, in addition to her activity as a writer, does literary research for CONICET, the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research, which has its headquarters at the university. She also directs two research projects at the Universidad del Salvador, where she offers a doctoral seminar. In addition, she co-ordinates the international team of researchers that is working on the critical edition of Ernesto Sábato’s Sobre héroes y tumbas (On Heroes and Tombs) for the archival collection at UNESCO. She has been a lecturer and a visiting professor at both Argentine and foreign universities, and acts as a juror on both national and international competitions; she is a permanent contributor to the Literary Supplement of La Nación. In her capacity as a writer, she takes part in a number of international literary congresses and book fairs. Her published work in Spanish includes three books of poetry and several volumes of short fiction, novels, and non-fiction. These prose poems are from Esperan la mañana verde (1998). Her prose, representative of the so-called “new historical narrative,” includes the novels La pasión de los nómades (1994) and Las libres del Sur (2004) and the short story collection Amores insólitos de nuestra historia (2001). More of her work in Spanish and samples of Sanders’ translations can be explored on her website at