Aidan Rooney was born in Monaghan, Ireland, in 1965 and educated at Maynooth College, National University of Ireland. Since 1988, he has taught at Thayer Academy and lived in Hingham, Massachusetts. A past winner of the Guinness Literary Award and the NY Yeats Society¬† Competition, he received the Hennessy Literary Award for New Irish Poet in 1997. His collections, Day Release (2000) and Tightrope (2007), are published by The Gallery Press in Ireland. Widely published in Europe and North America, his work has appeared in various anthologies—Staying Alive (Bloodaxe) and 180 More (Random House) among them—and recent poems have appeared in The Lonely Crowd (UK), Carte Blanche (Québec) and Post Road (US). Billets Doux, as well as Rooney’s 2011 Mudlark Poster (No. 91), Posts, is included in Rooney’s forthcoming collection, Go There.