Donald Wellman

Donald Wellman teaches cultural studies and writing at Daniel Webster College. Fields, a selected poems, spanning twenty years of work, appeared in 1995 (Light and Dust). Wellman has translated from French, German, and Spanish. Currently he is working with the Spanish poet Antonio Gamoneda. As editor of O.ARS, a series of anthologies devoted to postmodern poetics and practices, he derived personal satisfaction from the use of punctuation á la dada. The selection here is from his Notebook: Cuaderno de Costa Rica. His poetry engages emerging identities from an ethnographic perspective. These projects include Diario mexicano, Oaxaca, and Prolog Pages. Excerpts from these projects can be found in various on-line and print media: Eratio Postmodern Poetry, There, and Fascicle among others. His essay, “Creeley’s Ear,” appeared in Jacket Magazine 31. His “Prose on Uxmal” will be found in the current Absent Magazine. “Your Sleep is a Closed Almond,” from Yvan Goll’s Traumkraut, appears in Circumference 5 (Fall 2006). Other translations from Goll appear in the current Calque.