Henry Gould

Henry Gould co-edits the literary journal Nedge. He lives in Providence and is a founding member of the Poetry Mission, an RI-based arts association. He recently co-edited and published an anthology in honor of poet/translator Edwin Honig entitled A Glass of Green Tea - With Honig (distributed by Fordham Univ. Press); his poems, essays and reviews have appeared or are forthcoming in: alea, apex of the M, Electronic Poetry Review, Famous Reporter, Free Cuisenart, House Organ, LVNG, Misc. Proj., Negations, Poetry New York, Situation, Talisman, and Witz. Chapbooks of his early poems were published by Hellcoal Press (Where the Skies are Not Cloudy All Day, 1972) and Copper Beech Press (Stone, 1979). Zasterle Press is publishing, in 1999, a book of his called Fox Point, a section of a longer poem called "Stubborn Grew the Rose." His work in Mudlark includes Island Road, which is all of Issue No. 6 (1997); Poster No. 10 (1998), which is made up of an essay, "Millennial Grain Elevator," and two poems, "Drydock, Balboa" and "Halloween"; and Flash Poem No. 3 (1998). Gould welcomes questions and comments about his work via email: Henry_Gould@brown.edu.