And Then | Poems
by Estill Pollock

Cover Image - Left Palm Print

Author’s Note: ‘In this poetry, there are no incantations to raise the monster from the slab or to charm alien plants into flower, unless, as through imagination and tethers of quantum entanglement, the reading makes it so—against the terrible disquiet of people and spirit, a few moments of reflection that we may recover in ourselves something temperate, guarded and just.’    — Estill Pollock (Norfolk, England)


  In Timan-Pechora
  A Clock Is Buried Here
  The Agent
  The Comeback
  The Fires
  And Then

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A number of the poems in this edition are selected from the forthcoming poetry collection, Ark, published by Broadstone Books.

Cover image: Left Palm Print (the artist MetrĂ³nomo), 2013, published under Creative Commons CC0 license (CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication).

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