So you will know somewhat more about Mudlark than perhaps you already do, let me tell you that it is, by all measures, thriving in what I have taken to calling the New Electronic Dispensation (NED). Founded in 1995, Mudlark leads a double life on two different servers: at the University of North Florida which it calls home; and at Web del Sol where, thanks to Mike Neff, it is fully mirrored.

It should go without saying, but doesn’t seem to in the NED, that Mudlark has an ISSN (1081-3500) from, and is copyrighted by, the Library of Congress.

So far Mudlark has been reviewed, in both print and electronic media, on only and all favorable terms. Mudlark has been featured at AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) Conferences. It is a member of CLMP (the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses) in New York. It is linked by invitation to the Electronic Poetry Center at SUNY-Buffalo; LitLine, “A Website for the Independent Literary Commnity” sponsored by the Unit for Contemporary Literature at Illinois State University; Poets & Writers Magazine in New York, etc. It is listed with all the major search engines and is on all the major E-Zine Lists on the World Wide Web.

And Mudlark is, of course, in all of the wired libraries in the world. Have a look, for example, at the “Best of the Web” list of Online Literary Magazines at the New York Public Library to get some sense of the company Mudlark keeps.

William Slaughter
Editor and Publisher

An Electronic Journal of Poetry & Poetics
Never in and never out of print...
E-mail: mudlark@unf.edu
URL: http://www.unf.edu/mudlark

P.S.  Mudlarking/Cavafy/Learning How to Read, an essay having to do with my editing of Mudlark, appeared in The Free Cuisenart at the invitation of Eliza McGrand. And I participated in Painting Trees on the Landscape of Poetry, a roundtable discussion, moderated by Jennifer Ley in Perihelion, on editing and publishing in the (still) new electronic medium. Older Men, an e-chapbook of mine, can be found under “Best of WDS” on Web Del Sol.

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