Mudlark Flash No. 92 (2015)

Lecteurs simultanés/Simultaneous readings
by Lily Robert-Foley and Camille Bloomfield

Authors’ Note: Lecteurs simultanés/Simultaneous readings was created by passing an initial sentence back and forth between French and English, each time departing a bit more from the strict meaning to branch out into a creative translation, thus blurring the lines between translation and writing. This was intended as much as an experiment in collaboration as in language. In working within the in-between spaces of friendship and translation, we sought to decenter our own poetics, to write each other as we read.

MP3 Audio File Link   Hear Lily Robert-Foley and Camille Bloomfield
read Lecteurs simultanés/Simultaneous readings here.

Running time: 4 minutes and 8 seconds. File size: 6 megabytes.

Lily Robert-Foley is the author of m (Corrupt Press), a book of poetry-critique-collage based on readings of Beckett’s L’Innommable/The Unnamable; and “graphemachines,” a chapbook of visual poetry from Xexoxial’s Xerolage series, an expanded version and self-translation of which may be forthcoming from L’Atelier de l’Agneau. Her prose poem novel, Jiji, is forthcoming from Paris Lit Up press. She teaches music in Hâpies, France.

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