Cover of Mudlark No. 11 (1999)

In a Silver Bowl, Snow Piling | M.J. Maraldo


Blue Cliff Verses

by Richard von Sturmer

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Baso is Unwell
Joshu's Four Gates
Haryo's Snow in a Silver Bowl
The National Teacher's Seamless Monument
Seppo's Turtle-Nosed Snake
Daizui's "It Goes Along with Everything Else"
Joshu's Big Radishes
Manjusri's Threes and Threes
Joshu and the Great Death
Sansho's Golden Carp Out of the Net
Joshu's Stone Bridge
Dogo's "I Won't Say"
Ummon's Staff Turns into a Dragon
Ummon's One Treasure
Kingyu's Rice Pail
Sixteen Bodhisattvas Enter the Bath
Ummon's "Everyone has his own Light"
The Hands and Eyes of Kannon
Joshu's Three Turning Words
Haryo and a Blown Hair Against a Sword

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