Mudlark No. 16 (2001)

from Body Tapestries

by Stuart Lishan

A Note


The Breeze Fluttered Tapestry: April

Where I Introduce The Antagonists: The Duchess of Moisture,
   The Empress of Waterfowl

When the Grape Became Purple: The Aged Genii
   Recalls the War of His Kind Against The Moisture Duchess

Why We Sometimes Don't Say Anything in Dreams: Monkey Boy

The Duchess of Moisture Writes With the Femur of a Heron's Leg:
   Her Autobiography, the Early Years

Monkey Boy's In-Class English Theme: Greaser Angel
   and a Desperado Heart; Monkey Boy Tries to Forget Felicia

Angel's Passion: Greaser Angel and Monkey Boy
   Park Off the Deep Woods Road

Where I Comment Upon the Main Action in These Tapestries So Far

The Starfish Song: The Biologist Doctor Gwilliam,
   After Years in His Laboratory

What the Leech Oracle Prophesies: The Fate of These Tapestries

A Reminiscence of Early Loves: Why Moonlight Moves Across the Sky

More From Her Autobiography: The Duchess of Moisture
   Tells Me How She Fell in Love With and Grew to Hate Moonlight

Why We Get What We Can Get: Monkey Boy
   Hangs Out With The Squirrels

The Tapestry of Wishing: Where I Tell How The Duchess of Moisture's
   Revenge Against Moonlight and Those Closest to Him Began

Turtle Story: Turtle Tells How He Ferried Me to The Dolphin Queen
   When She Summoned Me at My Wishes' Behests

The Dolphin Queen: Turtle and Caterpillar Enter The Citadel
   of Pearl, Only to Find The Duchess Has Been There First

The Duchess' Destruction of Earth's 999 Moons:
   Her Account of Recent Events, Both On and Off the Record

Graduation Ceremony: Monkey Boy,
   in Heaven now, Learns to be an Angel

Why Memory Grows Fonder the Farther You Go: Where I Find Postcard
   Scraps From When Moonlight Escaped to the Universe's Edge

The Tapestry of Leaves: What I Read When I Chance to Find
   Three Unfinished Journal Entries, Early Drafts
   From The Duchess of Moisture's Autobiography

The Tapestry of Images: Where I Find The Duchess of Moisture
   Sighing/Singing to Herself as She Looks at Her Reflection in the Pond

Monkey Boy, Returning to Earth as a Single Red Rose, Helps Out
   a Friend, With Lascivious Thoughts, Running on a Country Road

My Final Words: Where I Take Notes On My Execution

The Final Tapestry: (To Be Read After My Death)

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