Mudlark No. 29 (2005)

Field Trip to My Mother
and Other Exotic Locations

by  Dawn Tefft


Prologue: General Information and Guide to Exhibitions
Dear Jacob, the only other woman’s head
Dear Amnesiac, I wish
Dear William James, which Henry
Dear Obsession With Darwin,
going on about men again,
Dear Katrina Witt, did I tell
Dear Alan Alda, I think
Dear Aunt June, how many Coca-Cola
Dear Sky, I’m mad at you
Dear Poldy, I want your lust for liver
always dream yourself taken care of,
Dear Lucille Ball, my mother has never had red hair
Eef Barzelay, you’re not that weird
Dear Bursar, Provost, College Loan Collector,
Dear Grandmother, Dear Obstinate,
Dear Letters My Mother Wrote,
Dear Bra Burners,
Dear Rainbow Club, how many evening gowns
Dear Paul the Apostle, a cliché now,
Dear James Baldwin, they’re still down
To the Freudian Psychologist Who Would
Dear Children’s Books, remember when she
Dear Nixon, my mother wrote about you
Dear Simone de Beauvoir, the canon
Dear Dewey, I tried to think of your quote
Dear Stephen Hawking, if the faster
Dear Neuroscientist, I’m just dancing around it

Copyright © Mudlark 2005
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