Mudlark No. 30 (2006)

Anagrams of America

by  Mike Smith


Predilections and Predicaments | Plan | Poe
From the Desk of William Carlos Williams | Live Ink | Pound
Stevens at the Strip: Peak Season | The Station: A Second Take
Rereading Stephen Crane | Ahem, Requiem | 7 False Starts
on Living in the Old Neighborhood | Ode to Emily Dickinson
Folksong | Lessons | Snapshots | Frost

Author’s Note. Each of the poems in Anagrams of America is an anagram of its source text. All of the letters of the source text have been used, once and only once, in the composition of the corresponding poem. No letters have been added and no letters have been left out. Many of the sources are familiar works by familiar authors, and I have indicated below each poem the text used. Unless otherwise indicated, titles, epigraphs, section numbers, and section headings are not to be considered part of the anagram.   — MS


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