Mudlark No. 32 (2007)

Elephant Anger

by Laura McCullough



Locus Focus
The Price of Light
The Cost
Dead Elephant
Opposites Attract
Why Jean Valjean Died
Static Shock
Can't Let Go
The World Within the World
General Electric
Help Wanted
“‘I will have no man in my boat,’ said Starbuck”
The Wonderful World of Cosmesis
The Publishing World
What I Did After His Funeral
Why Am I Thinking of a Suicide Twenty Years Ago
Mother of Five
The Family That Walks on All Fours
Elephant Anger
Alone, Behind Protective Bars
Violence Is Not the New Sex
La Petite Mort Is Only a Metaphor
Whale Explodes on a City Street
The Welcoming Earth
Local Weather

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