Mudlark No. 35 (2008)

The Case of the Danish King Halfdene

Prose Poems by Charles Freeland


At Home in the World
Widening the Apertures
In the Marvelous De-Centralized Way of Swans
The Case of the Danish King Halfdene
Instructions for Preservation of the Text
In Lieu of Lemon Jelly
An Enquiry Concerning the Apparent Dispersion of the Phyla
Very Bad Poetry
Not Yet the Sounds of Speech
A Disturbance in the Magnetic Field
Progress as a Way of Historical Thinking
Twilight of the Big Finish
All This Fervent Fare
A Gold Horse-Head Above the Door
Getting Through the Last Pages
Official Version
In Xenia, They Prefer Zeppo
Hold Your Tongue
Spring Cleaning in the Labyrinth of the Continuum
Why Light Was Invented


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