Mudlark No. 56 (2015)

(This) One

by Gerald Fleming

Cover of Mudlark No. 56 (2015)
Elmer Bischoff, Man and Lavender Sky, oil on canvas, 1956  


Re: (This) One
Mad Cell Suite
Long Dead, You Call
For M. S.
Train Man
The Old Bard, Three Gins In
Post-game Wrap-up
For John
At the end she’d ship stones to her kids—

As If Our Love Could
The Whole Man
What Jean-Paul Told Me
Clean Man
Clay Hall
Blind Like That
Mad at the Moon
His wife loves birds,
She woke in the night
This is the town

Gerald Fleming’s two most recent books are The Choreographer, prose poems from Sixteen Rivers Press in San Francisco, and Night of Pure Breathing, prose poems from Hanging Loose Press in Brooklyn. His work has appeared in magazines such as New Letters, The Prose Poem, Western Humanities Review, New World Writing, Paris/Atlantic, Carolina Quarterly, and many others. He has written books for teachers, among them Rain, Steam, and Speed from Jossey-Bass/Wiley. Between 1995 and 2000 he edited and published the literary magazine Barnabe Mountain Review.┬áHe lives part of the year near San Francisco and part of the year in Paris.

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