Mudlark No. 62 (2017)

The Bone Woman by Lynne Knight

Cover of Mudlark No. 62 (2017)

Laura Ferguson, Watery blue-red figure, 12.5 x 10.5 in.,
oils, bronze powder, charcoal, pastel, and oil crayon on paper


Bone Claims | Blue Dresses & Amen
Bone Gathering | The Phoenix Song | Echo
Identity | The Offering | Molecular Codes
Fragment of Spine & Eye | First Person Singular
Skull & Moon | Kingdom With No Memory
Report from the Border | Unbidden Song
Heat Rises | The Invisible | Coda | Coda (II)

Lynne Knight’s poetry collections have won prizes from The Quarterly Review of Literature, Bear Star Press, The Sow’s Ear Review, Two Rivers Review, The Ledge, and Sixteen Rivers Press. Her most recent collection, The Persistence of Longing, 2016, is available from Terrapin Books. Her poems have appeared in such places as Beloit Poetry Journal, Georgia Review, Gettysburg Review, Kenyon Review, New England Review, Ontario Review, Poetry, Poetry Northwest, Southern Review, and Zyzzyva. Among her other honors: the Rattle Poetry Prize, an NEA fellowship, a Prix de l’Alliance Française aux Etats-Unis award, and inclusion in The Best American Poetry, 2000 (selected by Rita Dove).

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Laura Ferguson’s art is all about the body. She works from the inside out, tuning in to her own sensory and kinesthetic perceptions and finding beauty in a curving spine. Her translucent figures are grounded in anatomical reality, gained through her work with dance anatomy and movement practice, and based on 3D radiology images of her own body made for the purpose of art. Laura is Artist in Residence at New York University’s School of Medicine, where her work inspired the short film How to Draw a Human Heart. Her drawings and prints have been widely exhibited in galleries and museums in New York and around the country, and are represented in corporate, private, and public collections including the National Library of Medicine and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

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